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DNS Management

We provide you a control panel so you are able to update your DNS records at any time.

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If your domain name TLD supports it - We will offer you free ID protection.

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Register a domain name in minutes! As soon as you order the domain name and pay the invoice, the domain name will be registered straight away.


You can renew your domain names for up to 10 years.

Domain registrations 100% in your name

Any domain name registered directly through us will be registered with the details you have provided. You can update these at any time through our panel.

DNS Control Panel

Update your DNS records at any time through our control panels.

A domain name is the address used to find your website on the internet. In the same way your home or business address is used to find your physical location.

Yes! We can provide access to a DNS control panel for your domain names where you are able to manage your DNS zone file at any time.

You can transfer your domain names from another company over to iRack Ltd. Open a ticket with the support department who will be able to assist with this.

No problem! The above is only a couple of domain name extensions that we are able to register. Get in touch with us with the domain names you wish to buy and we can see if they are available. Alternatively, log into your clients portal and register the domains through that.

We have over 500 different domain name extensions you can register through us.

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