Transferring a domain name over to us is really simple! 


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Follow the steps below to get your domain name transferred to iRack Limited.

Step 1

Contact your current domain provider and ask them to change the IPS tag on your domain name to: LEGEND

Step 2

Raise a ticket through the clients portal and let us know you have transferred a domain name to us. 

Step 3

When we have added the domain name to your clients portal you will be able to manage it.

You will need to prepare your domain name before you can start the domain name transfer. 

Step 1

  1. Make sure the admin contact email address is correct.
  2. Make sure the domain name registration is more than 60 days old.
  3. Ask your current domain name provider to unlock your domain name for transfer.
  4. Ask your current domain name provider for the domain name authorisation code (Known as EPP). 

Step 2

Enter your domain name and domain name authorsaition code over onto the domain transfer page. You can visit that by clicking here

Step 3

Once you have submitted the transfer details within the next 24 hours the admin contact should receive an email to approve the domain transfer. The email contains a link that you have to click on and to approve the transfer. The link expires within 5 days.

If you are not sure which domain type you have – Get in touch with support and we will be able to assist you further.

Domain Name Features

Instant Registration

Register a domain name in minutes! As soon as you order the domain name and pay the invoice, the domain name will be registered straight away.


You can renew your domain names for up to 10 years.

Domain registrations 100% in your name

Any domain name registered directly through us will be registered with the details you have provided. You can update these at any time through our panel.

DNS Control Panel

Update your DNS records at any time through our control panels.

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