Why is my domain name in the redemption period?

When your domain name has gone into redemption period it means you have not renewed the domain name in time and has passed the grace period for a normal domain renewal. (Typically 60 days after the original expiry date*) This occurs for most domain name extensions (TLDS). When the domain name expires - Any services attached to that domain name will stop functioning. (Web hosting, email and DNS services) and no changes to the domain name can be made. If you do not renew the domain name within the renew grace period**, it enters a redemption period at the domain registry. You may recover the domain name to get it out of redemption but additional registrar fees will apply (Typically £80+) which are usually higher than the initial cost of registration or renewal. 


To recover a domain name during Redemption Period you should contact our support team via ticket. We will check the domain name specifics and provide you with the total fees for the recovery of the domain name. 


Important Notes***

Not all domain name extensions (TLDS) have grace periods or redemption period and the length of this period may be different for other domain name extensions. The price for recovering a domain name from redemption may vary. 

For those domains that do not have a grace period such as .io domain name - They will go straight into redemption after expiry. This is why it is extremely important to renew your domain names before this happens and that any invoices for said domain renewals are marked as paid on our system. You can find more about the domain name extensions (TLDS) that do not have a grace period by clicking here.

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