Decommission of Old Account Numbers

Decommission of Old Account Numbers

Over the past 18 months we have been using a new portal that manages the billing for all your services. On the release of the new client’s portal we have given all our clients a new “Clients ID” which acts as an account number for you.

Since the start we have also shown your old account number that you would have been used to on the old system on the invoices just so we were able to quickly locate you on the new system. As it has now been nearly 2 years on the new system, we have decided it is time to decommission the old account number system.

If you need to speak to support or the billing department over the phone you should always mention your “Clients ID” – That way, we can quickly locate your account and see what services we provide you. The old account number will no longer be shown on any future invoices.

Where can I find my Client ID?

Check any previous invoice you have received from us within the past 12 months and it will be mentioned in the email and also on the attached PDF. You can also log into the client’s portal at any time and once logged in, it will mention the Client ID in the “Your Info” section on the left-hand side.

If you are still struggling, drop an email to: and we will be able to help.